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Packing Tips - Movers Guide

One of the most important packing tips provided by experts is that you need to start packing as soon as you find out that you have to relocate. This will help you to avoid the last minute panic that adds to the stress and fatigue that is associated with moving.

Make a moving packing checklist that will help you to remember all the important actions that you need to take. Take inventory of all your belongings, and separate the things you would like to take with you, sell, and donate.

Buy professional quality packing supplies and start packing non-essential items as soon as you find out that you have to relocate. Used packing materials may be much cheaper, but they may not keep your things safe during the move.

Paste a label on each moving box that clearly mentions the contents, and the name of the room where it is to be placed in your new home. This will help the movers to put everything in the right place, and will also help you to unpack quickly and efficiently.

Pack fragile items like china in bubble wrap and paper, and put them in moving boxes with softer things. Pack delicate items like wine glasses and statues individually, with plenty of bubble wrap and paper to cushion them.

Pack each moving box to the top, and fill all empty spaces with crushed paper. You can use old newspaper to pack things, but the ink may rub off on some items. It is preferable to use clean newsprint to pack your things.

Clothes can be put on hangars and hung in special wardrobe boxes. It is best to pack computers in their original cartons, with plenty of bubble wrap and paper to keep them safe.

Pack heavy items like books in small boxes to ensure that they are easy to lift. It is best to pack shoes in shoe boxes. Soft items like pillows can be packed in lined boxes, with paper in between to keep them separate.

Cushion pictures, mirrors, and glass with clean newsprint and bubble wrap. Pack them in flat packing boxes, and keep them in a vertical position.

Pack essential items like kitchen utensils and toiletries separately, and write “Open First” on the packing boxes. Write “Fragile” in bold letters on the boxes in which you have packed breakable items.

If you have hired professional packers & movers, be prepared to offer refreshments to them, and to tip them if you are happy with the service provided.

To get free quotes from top-rated packing services in your area, please fill out the short form provided here. There is no commitment or expense involved at all, and we will never give your contact details to anyone without your permission.

If you need any other moving packing tips, please feel free to send us an email. We will help you to find the answers you are seeking!

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