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Self service moving is one of the latest type of moving. In this type of moving you own the moving truck on your own and a professional driver takes it to your destination. There is no trouble of hiring a truck and you also don't have to be concerned about filling the truck up with gas. Self service moving is also much cheaper than full service movers.

The advantages of self service moving are as follows:

* The cost is based on the number of miles you travel i.e. total distance traveled and the space occupied on the moving truck. You only have to pay the cost for your usage not for the complete truck.

* Door to door service facility is offered more or less everywhere in the Continental United States. In view of the fact that you don't have to drive a huge truck yourself, you can focus on your family and the rest of your move.

* The majority of the self-service companies can book space for you only with one phone call. Advance deposits are not compulsory.

Below are some of the packing tips:

* Never make use of plastic peanuts or ragged newsprint to pack small appliances, as these could get into the machines and cause harm to the appliance.

* Most of the big appliances require special moving preparations, which were already written on the user’s manual. Also don’t forget to do the servicing of the appliances before move.

* If available try to pack the big appliances in there original packing i.e. the packing which you have received from the dealer when you purchased the appliance.

* Armoires can be a very nice packing space for lightweight objects like pillows, lamp shades, also hanging clothes, if you make use of a stretched tension rod within it.

* Never forget to mark ‘Fragile item’ in the packing of delicate and breakable items.

* In no way pack more than 30 pounds of books in a single box, if not you're a weightlifter by occupation.

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