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Truck Safety - Movers Guide

Truck safety is an important consideration if you are relocating and are planning to drive a truck to the destination. The handling of a truck is very different from that of a car, and it will take you some time to get used to it. You need to be very careful and alert while handling a large, heavily loaded truck.

Inspect the truck carefully to make sure that it is in a good condition, and complies with all truck safety regulations.

For the sake of trucking safety, maintain a gap between your truck and other vehicles, because drivers of other vehicles may not realize that a truck needs a lot of space to turn and stop.

Maintain a big gap between your truck and the vehicle in front of you at all times, so you will have enough time to stop in an emergency. Tailgating can make the driver of the vehicle in front of you nervous, and can cause a truck accident.

Lots of truck accidents happen when trucks are hit by cars from the rear. When you want to stop, do it in a designated parking area, to avoid being hit by a vehicle from the rear. If you have to stop in some other place, pull off the road completely, and use truck safety lights, safety triangles, or flares to warn other motorists.

Be extra careful when you have to turn off the road. To prevent truck crashes, use your turn indicators to warn vehicles that are behind you. Motorists may not realize that you have to make a wide arc and to swing to the opposite side before you take a U turn.

To prevent the truck from overturning, stay away from soft shoulders and ditches. Driving on a slope with an uneven load can also be dangerous.

Be very careful and blow the horn while backing up the truck, because many truck accidents occur when drivers back trucks onto people or objects.

Overloading can make it difficult for you to steer and stop the truck, and can lead to a truck crash. Make sure that the load is secured properly, and be extra cautious while driving with loads that are prone to shift around, like livestock and liquids.

Be conscious of the blind spots in the mirrors while you are changing lanes and turning. Make sure that the load will clear overhead obstacles like overpasses, power lines, and bridges.

Truck driver safety measures include taking regular breaks, to ensure that drivers remain alert. Many truck injuries and truck fatalities are caused by drivers who are tired and sleepy.

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